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Weekend Guide: February 13-14

It’s a big weekend for celebrations! Happy New Year of the Ox, Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Family Day and it's Back-to-School! How are you spending your long weekend?

2021 Lunar New Year Virtual Celebration Event: The Year of the Ox

Chinatown BIA is hosting a virtual celebration event to simulate the past experience of the celebration in Chinatown, along with community collaboration art exhibitions and outdoor scavenger hunts to encourage Torontonians to explore and support the Chinatown community.

SAT 7:30pm

Virtual Valentine's Sweetheart Couple Class

Grab your sweetheart and get ready for a virtual Valentine's Day dance celebration!

Order your favourite dinner from your local restaurant and learn some new moves in the most romantic of all dances - the Rumba.


Virtual Cocktail Night

We all miss a good night out with a martini in hand, so why not bring the cocktails to your front room? This one is perfect if you’re celebrating Chinese New Year’s or Galentine’s day or even a fun activity to do with the group of family and friends. Don’t forget to dress-up in your fanciest.

Make it a Karaoke Night

It may require a little technical know-how to navigate between a video chat and karaoke versions of songs on YouTube, but once that is out of the way you are ready to sing to your heart’s content. Here is a Zoom karaoke guide

Take art lessons with the AGO

If you’ve always wanted to dive into your artistic side, now is the perfect time to indulge. The AGO offers creative art lessons that you can watch right at home. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or beautiful creative pieces, their art lessons are in full swing and you can watch all their videos online.


Toronto’s longest running Black History Month festival, Kuumba, is a series of events that runs throughout the month of February featuring the work of choreographers, authors, musicians, visual artists and thought leaders.

February 01 to 28

Get outdoors and enjoy two snowshoe trails on the ski slopes at Kelso/Glen Eden.

Kelso Conservation Area, Glen Eden, 5234 Kelso Road, Milton, ON

Saturday Farmers Market at Evergreen Brick Works

Evergreen's Saturday Farmers Market runs year-round, connecting people in Toronto to local Ontario farmers and producers.


And as always continue to #staysafe and #wearamask

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